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Empowering Counselling & Psychological Consultancy Services (ECPC)

Empowering Counselling & Psychological Consultancy Services Pte. Ltd. (ECPC) was established in 2016. It is an agency that offers evidenced-based and evidence-supported Psychological Consultancy Services, Clinical Supervision, Clinical Assessments and Counselling & Therapy Services. It also implements customized programmes, offers workshops, seminars and training for schools on a variety of topics pertaining to parenting, children and youth issues. 

The agency believes Every Life Journey Is a Treasure. It thus journeys with its main clientele, children and adolescents who had been traumatized, and/or are exhibiting emotional and behavioural difficulties that are affecting their daily functioning in various environments including schools.

As it takes a Village to Raise a Child, the agency subscribes to working in partnership with each individual child’s and adolescent’s ecological systems, especially the family systems.

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